Weight Loss Programs and Detox Supplements in NJ

If you have tried other weight loss programs, detox supplements or cleansing products and have not had the results you had hoped for, there is likely a very good reason for that. You are as unique as your own DNA and there is no “one size fits all program.”

At Next Level in Eatontown New Jersey, we believe the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to start from the inside out. We do not sell “miracle weight loss pills” or “energy drinks” or “special powders” to sprinkle on food. We do not try to suppress your appetite, accelerate your heart rate, nor give you products that send you running to the bathroom. In our programs we correct any deficiency, inflammation and/or dysfunction in the body and the pounds melt off.

Many of us who have difficulty losing weight can experience a variety of health issues such as hormonal changes, high levels of toxins in the body, and inflammation of our organs and tissues. These internal conditions are not necessarily visible to us nor are they anything we can particularly feel. However, they can manifest themselves into symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues such as bloating and gas, bowel function irregularity, joint pain, mood swings, trouble sleeping and/or difficulty losing weight. These symptoms can stress the body, raise cortisol levels, weaken the endocrine system and shut down metabolism. With your endocrine system and metabolism down, your body can’t process and burn food efficiently thus causing your body to hold onto fat and water.

At our office, we offer complete weight loss packages that include something for everyone’s personal health goal. We offer full nutrition consultations where we perform a detailed health history and physical evaluation. Based upon our findings we then can put together a program that is right for YOU. We offer calorically designed meal plans with supplement recommendations and natural cleansing and detoxification options through only trusted product lines available to practitioners.

Next Level also offers a number of services that can help heal your mind and body like spinal decompression, nutrition response testing, and chiropractic services.

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