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Dr. Eric Freedman, owner of Next Level Chiropractic and Nutrition graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1994 and became a chiropractor. He began practicing his career in New Jersey and continued in Atlanta, Georgia, where he discovered nutrition response testing while working in a fellow chiropractor’s office. He knew he wanted to add this as one of his own alternative health practice areas to help his patients reach the next level of health. Dr. Eric Freedman was able to test the bodies and organs of his patients for deficiencies with this technique once he moved back to Eatontown.

Dr. Freedman was born in Boston and grew up in Middletown, NJ around a medically oriented family, where he learned about the purpose and need for traditional medicine. His grandfather, well-known cardiologist Dr. Abraham Weber, was committed to helping individuals even those who could not afford to pay for medical care. Witnessing his grandfather selfless dedication to his patients and open-mindedness towards medicine helped him become what he is today. His friend referred Dr. Eric to his first chiropractor due his own asthma bronchial issues at the age of 12. Experiencing such a great increase in his breathing, while decreasing the prescription medication he was taking, was one of the motivations for him to pursue a career as a chiropractor.

Dr. Eric Freedman has been a patient of vital natural healing therapies himself for many years which is the main reason why he professes a high regard for these types of procedures. Nutrition response testing helped relieve his adrenal fatigue which caused him to feel lethargic and tired daily. Spinal decompression helped him when his lower back discs became herniated later on in his life and now offers it to his own patients.

Dr. Freedman’s patients are provided a large spectrum of profound healing possibilities. The experience he had in his past helps his patients today and overcome conditions that might not be treated by chiropractic care itself. He seeks out avenues to help people heal who are suffering from the same physical pain, imbalances, and toxicity to the body that he went through. He uses natural alternatives to heal patient’s bodies from inside out. When you make an appointment at Next Level Chiropractic and Nutrition, you will only be seen by Dr. Eric for every time you come to his office moving forward in order to better understand your personal case and needs. He gets to know his patients and family on a personal level and customizes his holistic approach to medicine to help heal them.


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