Chiropractic Care in Eatontown New Jersey

Dr. Eric Freedman has been in practice for 22 years helping patients reach the next level of health with chiropractic care in Eatontown and the surrounding areas of Monmouth County New Jersey. Dr. Freedman has been a chiropractic patient himself and suffered from asthma and other breathing issues as a child, which brought him into his first chiropractor’s office. He started getting regular chiropractic adjustments and his immune system improved.  His breathing improved and he was able to play outside with his friends and the sports he only imagined he would have been able to do beforehand.

You can maintain a healthy immune system and fight off illness and allergies with chiropractic adjustments just like Dr. Freedman did when he was younger. You can restore the flow of energy and information throughout your body including your nervous system without prescriptions.  Even though you may not be sick, the misalignments of your spine (subluxations) can interfere with your nervous system and your immune system.  Children who get regular chiropractic adjustments are home less often because they have a stronger immune system.

The average American still see chiropractors and the treatment they offer with skepticism even though the medical community understands and accepts the benefits that they provide to the medical field as a whole.  There is a general misconception of how the treatment can be beneficial to patients. Studies have found that people, who get regular chiropractic adjustments, will have fewer colds, experience flu symptoms less frequently, and reduce ear infections.

There is an article from the New York Preventive Medicine Institute of environmental health from NYU that says “people who receive regular chiropractic adjustments have stronger immune systems up to 200% greater than those who did not get regular chiropractic adjustments”.  A healthy spine equates to you being healthier and gives you and your family peace of mind.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Doctor Eric Freedman is passionate about helping his patients with all of their chiropractic needs including adjustments as well as providing you with spinal decompression. If you have herniated or bulging discs in the neck or lower back then you may want to learn more about spinal decompression.


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